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Amniotic Disks

*** Now at Executive Park Eye Care: Amniotic Discs! ***

Amniotic Discs are a biologic corneal bandage/medical device used by eye doctors around the world to treat eye diseases such as dry eye syndrome, chemical burns and more!

Human amniotic membrane (AM) has been shown to provide a substantial benefit in treating certain types of conjunctival and corneal disease. While AM has traditionally been transplanted using sutures or fibrin glue in an operating room, the in-office application of sutureless AM is emerging as a less invasive alternative with promising clinical outcomes. In-office availability of AM allows clinicians to treat a variety of ocular surface conditions rapidly and effectively.

EyeNet Magazine / February 2015 / In-Office Use of Amniotic Membrane
Written By: Alex G. Mcgaughy, BS, and Preeya K. Gupta, MD