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Cataract Surgery Co-management in Colorado Springs

eye exam black forest coFull pre-op and post-op surgery care for cataracts Cataracts are a common age-related eye disorder. In fact, statistics estimate that over half of the population in America over age 80 have experienced cataracts or cataract surgery! As you get older, so does the lens structure in your eyes. Sometimes the crystalline fibers of your eye’s lens change and lead to the formation of a cataract, which is a clouding of the lens. Clear images are thereby preventing from appearing on your retina, and blurred vision results.

At Executive Park Eye Care, we’ll examine the health of your eyes thoroughly to inspect for signs of cataract formation. If we detect a cataract during your comprehensive eye exam in Colorado Springs, we’ll refer you immediately to a qualified, respected surgeon. At present, surgery is the only certain cure to treat cataracts, and we’re experienced and competent at handling all of your pre- and post-operative care.

The Basics of Cataract Surgery

During this ophthalmologic surgery, the opaque, crystalline natural lens of your eye will be removed and replaced with a transparent synthetic lens. This artificial intraocular lens will be implanted by your surgeon in an outpatient setting, using local anesthesia. Minimal discomfort is caused and the success rate is very high, with vision restored in over 90% of cataract operations. Additionally, the complication rate from this procedure is also very low. As a minimally invasive operation with a quick recovery, cataract surgery is widespread and popular around the globe.

Co-management of Cataract Surgery & Care in Gleneagle and Briargate Area

Our Colorado Springs optometrists will deliver top-notch care as we help manage your cataract procedure. With pre-operative consultations and follow-up visits in our comfortable and convenient office, your entire experience will be positive and pleasant. We believe that it’s important for you to understand all about your cataract procedure in advance – and all about the differences between the types of intraocular lenses that your surgeon may consider.

We will help guide you through this potentially overwhelming information, so you enter your cataract surgery with a better understanding about what’s going to happen. For more info on the benefits of our co-management of cataract surgery, please contact us to schedule a consultation in our Colorado Springs office!

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cataracts iconThe more you know about cataracts, the better prepared you will be to deal with them – or help prevent them in the first place!

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