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Update! Progress on our new location . . .

On January 5, 2015, we opened our new office at 9240 Explorer Drive, Suite 100.  We are looking forward to caring for you at our beautiful new location.


Here is a visual history of our new office being prepared for use . . .




The floor had to be dug up to put in new utility lines.


The utilities are in and the floor is filled with new concrete. Looking better, isn't it?


November update . . . we have beams!  Soon there will be walls!





Dr. Gales, plotting world domination.  Or at least drywall.



One day, you'll be able to check in here.  We will post pictures of further progress soon.



December Update . . . Featuring Drywall and Paint!

12 4 12

In four weeks, this will be a beautiful new office.


12 4 32

A closer view . . . of the recycling bin.  And the doorway to the hall!


12 4 42

And soon, we'll have ceilings and floors . . .


12 4 22

. . .  and figure out what this is.  (Looks like the front desk.)


12 4 52

Glamour shot of the front desk!  We can't wait to see it and everything else finished!




COVID-19 Precautions

We are following the State of Colorado’s guidelines for COVID precautions. Patients who are not fully vaccinated need to wear a mask and we ask all visitors to practice social distancing. We continue to wear masks and to follow recommended protocols for hand-washing and disinfecting the office.